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Oxidative Remediation - Effective & safe mould removal

Oxidative Remediation (Vancouver Island Only)

By far one of the most effective techniques for the remediation of mould.

After years of extensive field research and advancements in the chemical industry, more effective and safer remediation techniques have been developed. Oxidative remediation was developed to address the challenges associated with traditional mould removal methods. This process has established new standards in the industry for safety, efficacy, & long term performance.

The Oxidative Remediation treatment utilizes highly reactive hydroxyl radical molecules to chemically decompose the fungi.

This denaturing process reduces cellular proteins & other compounds into their basic form. The chemical byproducts generated during the hydroxyl reaction process quickly breakdown into elemental oxygen & hydrogen. Accordingly, there are no dangerous volatile organic compounds or environmentally damaging residues generated with the oxidative remediation process. Washing with the oxidative formulas followed by a “Fogging” allows the specially formulated solution to be delivered to every part of the targeted area extremely effectively.

Oxidative Remediation

  • destroys cellular membranes & components. Residue is unable to germinate. No viability potential after remediation.
  • denatures fungal proteins thus eliminating their allergenic potential.
  • these chemicals are formulated to deeply penetrate porous surfaces & reaches into cracks & crevices.
  • the chemicals do not use poisons or pesticides. Chemical components & remediation byproducts are benign & environmentally safe.
  • methods require approximately 50% less time on site.
  • Because of its proven effectiveness, oxidative remediation achieves higher standards in fungal viability and fungal allergenicity when compared to older destructive/abrasive remediation methodologies.
  • In addition, oxidative remediation is safer for you and the environment.

An Excellent treatment for Minimal and Moderate levels of mould in an Attic or Crawlspace

What types of buildings can be treated with an Oxidative Remediation Process?

  • Virtually any building with mould
  • Residential homes, commercial buildings, industrial complexes
  • Treatments suitable for crawlspaces, attics, unfinished basement and carpets
  • Mould preventative treatments for new homes and buildings under construction
  • Flood damage, fire damaged buildings

Contact Us for additional information on Oxidative Remediation and discuss whether this is the right option for your home or office.