Level 2 Protocols – Remediation of Medium-Scale Mould Growth (Areas between 1 m²– 10 m²)

  1. Remediation of Medium-Scale Mould Growth (Areas between 1 m²– 10 m²)
    Level II includes all items in Level I together with the following requirements: A health and safety professional experienced in performing microbial investigations should be consulted prior to starting remediation to provide oversight and inspection of remediation activities.
  2. A competent supervisor must be present during all decontamination work.
  3. Workers shall wear full-body dust-impervious coveralls, with attached hoods, secured with tape at the ankles and wrists.
  4. Isolate the work area with an enclosure constructed of fibre-reinforced polyethylene sheeting or 6 mil polyethylene sheeting, taped and supported as required. Provide a temporary roof where an existing ceiling does not complete the temporary enclosure. Use fibre-reinforced polyethylene sheeting for covering floors.
  5. Provide a negative pressure within the enclosure by drawing air from the work area and exhausting it out of the enclosure, by using an exhaust fan (to outdoors), a HEPA vacuum or a HEPA air fibtration device (negative
    air machine). Provide a minimum negative pressure of 5 Pascals (0.02 inches of water column). Where possible, discharge the filtered air outside the building and away from people.
  6. Consider providing a change space at the entrance to the containment area, for workers to don / remove coveralls and for storage of clean supplies. Provide double-overlapping or slit and covering flaps at both ends of the change room, and ensure that the space is under negative pressure with respect to the occupied areas of the building, and under positive pressure with respect to the mould removal area. Appoint a competent person to inspect the work area for defects in the enclosure, barriers, and change room.
  7. The project authority should document the abatement work in writing and maintain records in the project file, supported by inspection reports or other relevant documents.

Level l Protocols – Remediation of Small-Scale or Minimal Mould Growth (Less than 1 m²)

Level lll Protocols – Remediation of Large-Scale or Major Mould Growth (Areas greater than 10 m²)