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Mould and Air Quality Inspection Rates Vancouver & Victoria

Mould and Air Quality Inspection Rates

Greater Vancouver Area, Victoria, Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands

Our comprehensive environmental investigations are conducted by Ryan Ractliffe, an Environmental Scientist (B.Sc., Hon. McMaster Univ.) Certified Microbial Contamination Consultant, Certified Mould Remediation Consultant;
and John Ractliffe, a MICRO Certified Mould Inspector and Remediation Contractor, who is also Fluke certified in thermal imaging.

Mould Inspection Rates

  • The average cost for this full service residential environmental assessment, mould and air quality inspection starts at $500 for areas under 1000 square feet. Pricing is based on a one-time visit to the residence, and on the size of the home or office. The is no charge for samples.
  • Partial Inspections and Spot checks for mould are also available with prices starting at $350 including samples and testing.
  • Pricing for partial inspections are based on the number of rooms and the complexity of the contaminated area.
  • Additional charges for travel will be applied to areas east of Abbotsford, Whistler, Sunshine Coast, Gulf Islands, Central and North Vancouver Island, Vancouver Island Pacific Rim.

Contact us to make an appointment for a mould or air quality inspection.

When is a mould Inspection needed?

  • If there are indoor air quality issues in the home or building
  • If there is a persistent odour or a damp or musty smell
  • If visible mould is present
  • If health issues have been linked to the residence or building
  • If the building was a previous grow-op
  • If there was a flooding event or any moisture intrusion issues
  • Real estate transactions
  • If you have tired to clean the mould yourself and it keeps returning

Our methods of inspection and standards are unique and far exceed the typical mould inspection or 1 indoor air sample that other companies provide.

What you can expect from our Mould and Indoor Air Quality inspections:

  • “Indoor Environmental Quality Survey” – IEQS
  • To find the causes of moisture intrusion or excess humidity which are the primary cause of Fungal Amplification (mould growth)
  • Locate, identify and quantify the source of Fungal Amplification
  • Same day diagnostic testing, analysis and written IEQS report
  • Full “Scope of work” detailing the protocols for the removal and disinfection of mould for every observation area.
  • IEQS-Diagnostic Methods – “On Site” lab setup
  • Direct Microscopy – between 8 and 20 Bio-Tape lift samples – All rooms
  • Air Particulate Survey – Laser Air Particulate Counter- There is more than just mould spores in the air. We test all rooms, basement and attic for total air quality assessments for other possible problems.
  • Infra-Red Thermal Imaging Survey – “Cold Spot” detection for moisture condensation on foundations, walls and attic roof decking. (Greater Vancouver areas only)
  • Moisture Survey – Drywall, timbers, floor coverings
  • Indoor Environmental Survey – Humidity, Temperature and Dew Point – All areas
  • Forced Air System Survey (HVAC)– Air filter sampling, ducts and registers for accumulated allergens and mould
  • Face to Face Consultation – A full explanation of the problem and the remediation options – with all testing results – while the scientist is with you. You will have the answers before we leave.
  • All inspections and projects are overseen by our university graduate Environmental Scientist and all mould inspectors are certified, with a minimum of 5 years of mould remediation and inspection experience. Remediation protocols given in our reports are based on experience, sound knowledge and a full understanding of the problem.
  • Special Investigations – Upon Request
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) Survey – Upon request
  • A full mould inspection on an average size residential house ( approx. 1500 – 3000 sq. feet) will take between 2 to 5 hours. The mould inspection will include a thorough visual inspection of the attic, basement and /or crawlspace, HVAC systems, garage and interior section of the house as well as the exterior landscape.
  • We provide a statistically significant sampling plan.
  • Samples will be taken for microscopic analysis, not only on the site of visible mould, but throughout the house to establish levels of cross contamination within your home. On average, we take between 12 and 30 samples in 2000 square foot home.
  • In most circumstances, test results are available immediately and a full written report is issued by the end of the same business day.
  • When requested, additional charges apply for analytical laboratory sample collection and analysis.