Mould Inspection in Vancouver and Victoria

Axiom Mould Experts is closed!

We at Axiom Mould Experts would like to thank our costumers for their patronage over the years. We would also like to publicly acknowledge BC Mould Inspections Inc (604-838-6653), Hazpro Environmental (250-891-4977), Removal Restoration Services (250-478-9998), and AREC Environmental (778-351-1966) for their support over the years. Please contact these companies for continued testing, consultation and remediation services.

Axiom Mould Experts offers scientific mould inspection, mould testing, and air quality assessments in Greater Vancouver, Victoria and all of Vancouver Island.

  • Portable lab testing on your job site for full inspection
  • Same day results
  • No obligation over-the-phone consultancy
  • Detailed report can be used to obtain quotes for remediation
  • Non-invasive testing where possible
  • Third party verification of mould for home owners, tenants, property management companies, and restoration/remediation companies

Our goal is to provide you with a complete and comprehensive environmental assessment. Our mould inspection report quantifies the extent of any fungal contamination and associated air quality issues and determines which surfaces need to be remediated. We provide full protocols and the scope of work on an area by area basis.

Then we give the homeowner a full report the SAME DAY. Because we know the results of the testing immediately, you get personalized consultation – you know the answers before we leave the site.

Our easy to understand written report fully outlines, step by step, what needs to be done. This document can be used to get other companies to quote on doing the job, or decide if you want to do it yourself.

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We answer questions that you need to know:

  • Is the mould caused by condensation or moisture intrusion or both? Fixing a leak may not address the only source of the problem.
  • What type of mould is growing?
  • How far has the mould spread?
  • Is there damage to the structural integrity or is the problem with staining and cosmetic issues?
  • Are there other associated problems, dust, other allergens such as high indoor pollen counts, asbestos, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)?
  • How much is the remediation going to cost?

Prefer Do-It-Yourself Mould Removal?

Some mould remediation tips

We advocate the EPA recommendations that individuals untrained in bio-containment abatement procedures do not attempt to perform remediation on moulds with an aggregate area of contamination of 10 square feet or more (regardless of the type), or on those moulds, (regardless of area), which are considered to be toxic or pathogens.