Mould Inspection & Mould Testing in the Greater Vancouver Area, Victoria, Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands

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  • The most comprehensive testing available
  • We find the source of the problem
  • Same Day Results - On-Site Analysis, with Microscopy
  • Moisture survey of the building materials
  • No additional charges for testing
  • Full consultation provided
  • Detailed, written scope of work provided
  • Individual advice and remediation recommendations
  • Detailed, easy to understand explanations of the remediation required
  • Written quotations for remediation and mould removal included.
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Indoor Environmental Assessments - not just one air sample

Inspection, Indoor Air Samples, Mould Testing, Analysis
  • Condo owners and Strata Inspections
  • Real Estate Inspections
  • Medical centres, Pre-schools, public buildings, Office
  • Residential and Commercial Projects  

We manage all aspects of a contaminated site

Mould Remediation and Removal in Vancouver

We get the job done right - first time
Our mould remediation system and protocols:
  • We remove the mould, the toxins, the dead organic material, the organic stains and the associated odour.
  • We conduct on-site mould inspections using microscopy before, during and after the remediation process.
  • These Quality Control procedures give the best guarantee that areas of mould amplification have been discovered and treated.
  • We warrantee our work.
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Prefer Do- It -Yourself Mould Removal?

Some mould remediation tips

We advocate the EPA recommendations that individuals untrained in bio-containment abatement procedures do not attempt to perform remediation on moulds with an aggregate area of contamination of 10 square feet or more (regardless of the type), or on those moulds, (regardless of area), which are considered to be toxic or pathogens.
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If you have questions about mould or indoor air quality problems, air samples or environmental testing -- Please call us, we are happy to assist you.
The Greater Vancouver Area, Victoria, Vancouver Island, and Gulf Islands
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